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care-coordinationHealth Home is a service available to people on Apple Health that have high risk conditions. (Not available if on a Medicare Advantage Plan)

To participate you must:

  1. Have one chronic condition; AND
  2. Be at-risk for one or more additional chronic conditions

Services you will receive:

  • Coaching and assistance from a designated Care Coordinator
  • Ongoing communication between the Care Coordinator and providers
  • Care Coordination through a team of providers working together

Answers to Frequently asked questions:

  • You do not have to change providers
  • Current services do not change
  • Participation is voluntary
  • No added cost to you for this services
  • You can choose where you will receive your care coordination
  • Additional individuals will be involved in assisting you

If you decide to participate, the Care Coordinator will help you:

  • Complete a consent form to allow sharing of information with your providers
  • Complete a Health Action Plan which will include health goals selected by you
  • Identify needs and talk about where more coordination or additional services and resources are needed
  • Reach your health goals

If you have questions regarding this service you may contact ALTCEW at 509-458-2509.

Medicaid Case Management

What Is Medicaid Case Management?
Who is Eligible for Medicaid Case Management?
What Services Are Available To People Receiving Medicaid Case Management?
How Do I Apply for Services?
For Further Information

What Is Medicaid Case Management?
The purpose of Medicaid Case Management is to help older adults and adults with disabilities access and use health and community-based long-term services and supports. These services help people maintain independence at home and maximize their well-being.

Who is Eligible for Medicaid Case Management?
Medicaid Case Management is a service available to older adults and adults with disabilities who live at home and who qualify for a DSHS-funded long-term care program, either Community First Choice (CFC) or Medicaid Personal Care (MPC Program).

What Services Are Available To People Receiving Medicaid Case Management?
People who are eligible for case management services receive a comprehensive assessment of their health and need for long term services and supports and an individual service plan that includes personal care services and household help. Ongoing home visits, telephone calls and advocacy assistance from a team of nursing and social service professionals help people locate and maintain services in their homes as well as access healthcare and other services in the community.

A case manager may help you choose from a range of options for personal care and health care services including:

  • Personal care and household assistance from an agency or individual provider.  To learn more, click here

Registered Nurse Services

Upon referral from Home and Community Services, Division of Developmental Disabilities, ALTCEW, or its subcontractors, the Registered Nurse Consultant provides the following services for Medicaid Personal Care and CFC clients which may include the following:

  • Nursing Assessment and Reassessment
  • Instructions to Care Providers
  • Care Coordination
  • Evaluation

How Do I Apply for Services?

Title XIX Medicaid Personal Care Program
ALTCEW has qualified staff who can assist you with on-line applications.  Call 509-960-7281 for an appointment.
The Title XIX Medicaid Personal Care program, known as MPC, provides personal care and household assistance to individuals 18 years of age or older, who meet financial and program eligibility requirements, to enable them to remain in the community through the provision of semi-skilled maintenance and/or supportive services.

Community First Choice
Community First Choice, known as CFC, provides personal care and household assistance to persons 18 years of age or older who reside in their own homes, adult family homes, congregate care facilities, or assisted living facilities. Clients must be functionally or clinically eligible for nursing facility level of care. CFC is part of the Medicaid program, which also covers nursing home care and other medical services. The financial eligibility rules are very similar to those for Medicaid nursing home care.

To find out more about the program or to enroll, please contact Home and Community Services at 509-568-3700. The website has a link to the program.  If you need assistance completing the application, call 509-960-7281.

Contact local Community Living Connections
Ferry, Stevens, Pend Oreille County
Spokane County
Whitman County

For Further Information contains information about CFC, Medicaid Personal Care and other state and local programs for older and disabled adults, including application forms and instructions about how to apply. contains information about long-term care programs and other financial and legal assistance for older adults. “Questions and Answers about the CFC Program” and other helpful documents may be downloaded free from this site

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Not Eligible for Medicaid Services?
Contact Community Living Connections

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