PMC Members

Our Agency’s Planning and Management Council (PMC) is made up of volunteers from our five-county service region (Ferry, Pend Oreille, Spokane, Stevens, and Whitman Counties). This council advises and collaborates with our agency and brings together a range of talented individuals who are passionate about improving the lives of older adults and people living with disabilities in our community.

Meet some of our PMC Members! For a full list of PMC and Governing Board members, visit our About Us page and scroll to the bottom.

Cynthia (Cy) Parker, Planning and Management Council Chair  

Cy Parker currently serves as the Planning & Management Council Chair. During her career, she spent time as a Program Coordinator for the Master of Business Administration Program at EWU and was an Office Manager for the Samaritan Counseling Center. Cy holds a Bachelor of History and French, with a Master of Secondary Education from the University of California, Santa Barbara. Cy has lived in New York, India, California, and France, but has been living in Spokane since 1976.

Cy has been volunteering since she was 7, was active with the Civic Theatre for 27 years, and is currently volunteering with the Planning & Management Council and Statewide Health Insurance Benefits Advisors at Aging & Long Term Care. “When a friend suggested I apply for the PMC, it seemed like a good fit. It is–and I love it!”

Cy Parker

Bonnie Sullivan, Advocacy Committee

Bonnie was raised in Spokane, WA. She holds a Master of Education, and taught for 32 years, most of her career in Cheney. Bonnie taught Preschool Special Education, Sixth grade, Self-education in the elementary grades, and Resource room. In addition to her career, Bonnie spent 8 years in the convent, has traveled with the Coast Guard Reserves, and is the President of Lakeland Village Associates.

Bonnie took over guardianship for her parents and has become involved the many issues facing those with developmental delays. She serves on the Planning & Management Council because her “sweet sister-in-law died of a neurological disease which eventually left her incapacitated. I am a member of ALTCEW in her honor.”

Bonnie Sullivan

Bob Scarfo, Planning and Resources Committee

Bob Scarfo was a professor for graduate and undergraduate landscape architecture programs in Canada and the United States for 40 years. He holds a Bachelor & Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture and a PhD in Social Geography.

Currently, Bob is an Emeritus Professor with WSU and a Consult under Land and Life® LLC. Bob has been appointed to the Governor’s Council on Aging, the City of Spokane’s Design Review Board, and is a Planning and Management Council Member with Aging & Long Term Care.

Since his Master’s thesis in the mid-1970s, Bob has been interested in how the built environment influences people living with a disability, aging adults, and people living with dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and autism. “My hope, is to heighten caregivers and policy makers awareness of the role of the built environment– architecture, landscape architecture, and Interior Design.”

Bob Scarfo

Adell Whitehead, Planning and Resources Committee

Adell Whitehead is the Program Manager of Equity with Better Health Together and was a Trainer and Technical Designer for Training Processes for over 30 years. Adell greatly enjoys working with the community, local theaters, and participating in activities like singing in the Spokane Community Gospel Choir.

Adell currently lives in Spokane Valley and graduated from Whitworth University with a Bachelor of Organization Management. She enjoys volunteering with Aging & Long Term Care as “a voice for Seniors of Color at the table, as well as Seniors overall.”

Adell Whitehead

Ana Matthews, Services Quality Assurance Committee

Ana Matthews is a Consumer Affairs Program Manager at Avista where she oversees bill assistance and outreach programs for resource-constrained and underserved customers. Her work experience in public health and the private sector includes designing, implementing, and managing community impact programs and campaigns. She has led creative community-wide and employer sponsored initiatives that has resulted in policy adoption and significant impact on target populations. She also served in the U.S. Army for seven years.

Ana holds a Bachelor of Science in Health Education from Sam Houston State University, a Master of Public Administration, and a Graduate Certificate in Health Services Administration from Eastern Washington University.

Ana Matthews

Kent Moline, Services Quality Assurance Committee

Kent Moline spent his career working as an agricultural consultant, college professor, nurse aide, and the owner/operator of an adult family home. He retired as a Hospice Social Worker and is currently living in Pend Oreille County.

Serving on the Services Quality Assurance committee has given Kent “a nuanced view of the services Aging & Long Term Care and its contractors provides to our community.” In addition to volunteering, Kent likes that retirement has given him more time for personal hobbies and spending time with his family.

Kent Moline