Our experienced team brings together a wide range of talents and perspectives. We do this work because we are passionate about our communities and helping to improve the lives of older adults and adults living with disabilities in our region. For Eastern Washington to reach its full potential, everyone needs access to services that support their unique needs.

Meet some of the staff members that help ALTCEW fulfill our mission!

Kari Stevens, Community Living Connections Director

KariKari is the Director of the Community Living Connections (CLC) program at Aging & Long Term Care. Kari has been working with vulnerable and marginalized populations within the Spokane community for over a decade. “Working at ALTCEW has provided an opportunity to continue focusing on our aging and disabled populations and ensuring equitable access to resources they need to remain safely in their homes as long as possible.” Kari believes that working with diverse cultures provides a broader picture of our world and what we need to accomplish to ensure inclusion. “Our community is a diverse environment, and all of our community members deserve equitable access to assistance.”

Faran Soheili-Richards, Operations Data Analyst

FaranFaran has been working at Aging & Long Term Care for 23 years, most recently in the Contacts Department. Faran enjoys working at ALTCEW because our mission of promoting well-being, independence, dignity and choice for all older persons and individuals needing long term care aligns with her own personal beliefs. Faran is a firm believer that “prejudice is the result of fear of unknown, and fear is the result of lack of knowledge.”

Khristina Scheideler, Executive Assistant

Khristina SKhristina has been working with the agency since 2015 in the Administrative Department. “My position allows me to serve both internal and external customers and our staff are wonderful to work with. The work that ALTCEW does is important to me because we provide vital services to some of the most vulnerable members of our community.” Khristina believes in the unique opportunity to see the world from various perspectives. “I believe that we grow as individuals through experiences and having the opportunity to meet, work with, serve, and learn from others that have different backgrounds and experiences from our own.”

Chris Jackson, Options Counselor/ Housing Support Specialist

Christopher JChris works with Aging & Long Term Care as an Options Counselor and Housing Support Specialist in the Community Living Connections program. “Housing should be a right, not something that is only an option for people of wealth. We need to make sure everyone has the right to access the kind of housing they want.” Chris likes being exposed to other people’s thoughts and opinions, learning how others are affected by different constructs in society, and learning more about people’s backgrounds.

Paloma Macario-Rumsey, Outreach & Engagement Coordinator

Paloma Macario-RumseyPaloma has been working as an Outreach & Engagement Coordinator in Aging & Long Term Care’s Advanced Medication Management and Care Transitions programs. In her position she cares for those needing assistance by providing outreach and offering professional support. This work is important to Paloma as she “make’s sure people are safe and are addressing health related challenges with the assistance of ALTCEW.” When Paloma moved to the US from Brazil, Spokane became her home away from home. “I was immediately embraced by the warm and friendly people of Spokane, and I feel honored to be part of a growing and welcoming community.”

Savannah Reams-Taylor, Marketing & Outreach Coordinator

Savannah RTSavannah works in the Planning & Resource Department as the Marketing & Outreach Coordinator. She enjoys working at ALTCEW because she feels that the agency greatly supports its staff, promotes a healthy work environment, and “does important work in the community to help all older adults and adults living with disabilities access available resources and supports.” Savannah hopes to continue expanding on her thoughts, opinions and experiences by surrounding herself with others who have different backgrounds and perspectives on life. “Being surrounded by different world views can offer a wealth of experiences I would not otherwise encounter.”

Jeannie Robinson, Supportive Housing Specialist

Jeannie RJeannie has been working for ALTCEW since 2015, and currently works for Supportive Housing Program. She enjoys the ability to offer a helping hand to those who need support in our community and assisting clients in any way she can. “Not only giving emotional support but also concrete help… That means a lot to them and me.”  Jeannie appreciates that ALTCEW is “making conscious efforts to have staff with diverse backgrounds in age, training, culture, and skills. I keep learning from all of our staff. I’m happy to be working here and hope to pass on some of my experiences.”

Bethany Phenix-Osgood, Planning & Resources Director, Tribal Liaison 

Bethany OsgoodBethany is the Director of the Planning & Resources department and Tribal Liaison at ALTCEW. Working with this agency has provided Bethany the opportunity to continue the work she loves, serving our community. “My passion has always been taking care of people and meeting them where they are in their life’s journey.” Bethany appreciates the opportunity to learn from people who are different than she is as it boosts her ability to learn, grow, and develop personally and professionally. “I believe in being compassionate and open to learning from and working with people from all backgrounds.”

Molly Bies, Case Manager I/VDHS Care Coordinator

Molly KMolly has been working with the agency since 2017 in the Case Management department. She believes the work she does is important because she can develop personal relationships with clients and offer support to those who have little to no other options in the area. Molly celebrates different perspectives as they “expand your world view and belief systems. From the idea that there is power in belonging, I would love to see more diversity so all can feel celebrated, and no one feels isolated in their experiences.”

Patricia Breidt, Contracts Monitor 2

Patricia BreidtPatricia works as a Contracts Monitor 2 in Aging & Long Term Care’s Contracts Department. As a Contracts Monitor, she monitors the quality of service delivery and service performance by ALTCEW sub-contractors. Patricia finds this work valuable as she believes “in the vision of ATLCEW to provide the best home and community based services to support healthy living and aging in place.”  In our work, Patricia believes that it is important to acknowledge individual strengths of each team member and the potential they bring.