Community Living Connections

Join our Check and Connect Team!

Volunteer for our Check and Connect program. Check and Connect provides regularly scheduled phone calls to clients who want to reduce feelings of isolation and learn about local services. Our goal is to support individuals and ensure their needs are being met.

Our team of volunteers call clients weekly to verify their well-being, connect with them, and refer them to available resources. This program hopes to not only help reduce victimization and health concerns, but also isolation.

Check & Connect Volunteers:

  • Assist the aging population and adults living with disabilities with regular phone calls to reduce isolation and stress.
  • Volunteer Remotely, only a cell phone and computer are needed!
  • Determine the hours you work.
  • Help our community stay connected.

How to Volunteer

For further information or to apply, please contact the program coordinator at 509-960-7281 or complete the online application.

Volunteer Testimonial

  • “The Check and Connect program enriches lives in the most basic ways, as so many people just need to know someone cares about them. We can change the world with small gestures every day, and a phone call can be that small gesture that means so much… I like the feeling that someone is looking forward to connecting with me. I just reach out and change someone’s day or week by being available. And they change my day or week as well… My clients count me as a friend. We laugh and chat and tell stories. One gal who I’ve been talking to for a year says ‘Love ya!’ when we’re saying goodbye. Does that make my day? Yes, many times over. I am grateful for the lift my ALTCEW friends give me.” – Jessica, Check & Connect Volunteer for over a year