Medication Management

We offer free support for those who need help managing their medications! Contact us at 509-960-7281 to learn more.

This award winning Advanced Medication Management Program helps clients find solutions to address complex health conditions such as asthma, diabetes, COPD, and hypertension. Trained coordinators and pharmacists work together to create safe and effective medication management plans catered to meet each individuals needs. At this time, we are working with patients over the age of 50 with chronic health conditions and who take multiple prescriptions.

Our purpose is to ensure our clients are using medications in the most safe and effective way!

This service works in tandem with physicians and other health care team providers. Our Advanced Medication Care Coordinator (AMCC) is a specialized role designed to support our clients with targeted care coordination around medications. We help clients become knowledgeable about prescriptions, more skilled and accountable in managing their health, and reduce anxiety or uncertainness.

How our Program Works:

  • Client enrolls in the program (at no charge). Call 509-960-7281 to learn more.
  • AMCC visits with the client and identifies prescriptions and challenges.
  • Client meets with a clinical pharmacist and AMCC.
  • The pharmacist reviews the client’s health status, makes any necessary medication recommendations, and shares this with the client’s health care provider.
  • AMCC follows up with the client and pharmacist for continued consult until the client is comfortable that the medications they are taking are safe and effective.


  • 50 years or older
  • Multiple known chronic conditions
  • Multiple prescriptions
  • Needs help understanding medications
  • Little to no support in medication management
  • Agrees to participate in the program

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