Check and Connect

Feeling Lonely? Check and Connect is a free program for older adults that provides regularly scheduled phone calls to clients who want to reduce feelings of isolation. Our goal is to support individuals and ensure their needs are being met. Our team of volunteers call clients to verify their well-being, provide companionship, and refer them to available resources. This program hopes to not only help reduce victimization and health concerns, but also isolation.

There are no requirements to join besides being an older adult or adult living with a disability. Call us to learn more or join!

Benefits of Check and Connect: 

  • Receive a weekly call from a trained volunteer
  • Build a relationship with another person
  • Get connected to support services
  • Discuss needs
  • Reduce social isolation and stress

How do you Sign up?

If you are interested in having regular conversations, reducing isolation, and learning about available resources, please reach out to the program coordinator at 509-960-7281.

Want to Volunteer with Check and Connect?

Click the following link if you are interested in learning more about remote volunteer opportunities available with this program. Volunteer with us!

To Reach Us: Call our Helpline at 509-960-7281.

Client Testimonial

  • “The Check and Connect Program has been very important to me for about two years now. It has offered up patience and a wonderful escape from the silence. I have not been fortunate to have family or friends in Spokane to just call and check on how I am doing. Thank God, this wonderful Program does that once a week.”  – Check and Connect Client