Press Release – Get your yearly dose of confidence and stay up to date on vaccines. We’ve got you!

October 11, 2023

Aging & Long Term Care of Eastern Washington (ALTCEW) has joined the Aging and Disability Vaccination Collaborative, led by USAging, to launch its “You’ve Got This” initiative with the goal of reaching a million COVID-19/flu vaccinations within 17 months. “This funding will enable ALTCEW to specifically reach out to 1,250 people who live in areas where it is hard to access immunizations and create meaningful impact for people who are at risk of unnecessary hospitalizations,” said Bethany Osgood, Planning and Resource Director for ALTCEW.

This initiative aims to remove common barriers prohibiting older adults, people with disabilities and vulnerable populations from getting vaccinated by providing local and audience specific support. To achieve this goal, we will provide vaccine-related services such as:

  • Local vaccine clinics
  • Transportation to and from the clinics
  • In-home vaccinations
  • Onsite consultations from a healthcare expert

If you’re aged 60+ or a person with a disability, protect yourself and your loved ones. Add the COVID-19 and flu vaccines to your list and we’ll help you check it off.  The Aging and Disability Vaccination Collaborative, powered by USAging, has partnered with ALTCEW to make getting your COVID-19 and flu shots easy.

Discover upcoming immunization events:

Get more information by contacting Kristen West at (509) 458-2509 ext. 361, or